Michael Thompson Band

Michael Thompson Band-Love And Beyond

MTB Love and Beyond COVER.jpg

“Opening,” is tantalising, the guitar shreds, and the synths in the background provide some fascinating context. “Love and Beyond,” the title track is heavy and riff driven. The melodies fit themselves in nicely to this framework. “Save Yourself,” has the acoustic beginning, which moves within and without, and slowly changes the beat of things. “Passengers,” is a haunting overlay, the opening guitar melody starts and breaks into the bluesy riffs of days gone by. “Red Sun,” shreds. “Supersonic,” lets rip on the guitar front, creating the atmosphere of the perfect rock song and a half. “La Perouse,”is another fantastic guitar piece that brings together some fascinating melodies between acoustic and electric. “Don’t Look Down,” classic bluesy rock and roll shifting the tone and beat. “Far Away,” brings about an interesting shifting cowboy melody to things.

“Penny Laughed,” another great interlude that shows off the more haunting melodical side. “Love Was Never Blind,” another fascinating rocker. “Black Moon,” brings about some haunting overlays. “Flying Without Wings,” a straight ahead rocker from the eighties, with all the right melodical and tonal shifts. “Forbidden City,” takes a turn and snakes around within and without. “Stardust,” another deep rocker. “What Will I Be?” Another thoughtful melodical song that ventures into the dark processes of the mind. “Starting Over,” a song that brings interesting dynamic shifts to things. “Til We Meet Again,” a shredding guitarist opus.

The album is out on 26th April via Frontiers Music.