Meridian-The Fate of Atlantis Review

The Fate Of Atlantis 30 cm 300ppi.jpg

Meridian are a classic melodic metal band, who have defined a genre for a good number of years, with this EP, they are back to doing what they do best, producing high quality metal.

Off To War is a mix of melody, pulsating riffs and some absolutely blinding vocal performances. The chorus is something else entirely, and a song that is sure to get people moving when played live. Fragments Of A Life with its epic guitar solo introduction, and the smooth blend into rock carnage is another classic song, and one that should definitely get a place in the live set.


Title track Fate Of Atlantis begins with an acoustic lick, a dancing caper through, before the guitars get slightly heavier with the moving melody of the drums. Scream For Me is fast moving, Iron Maiden inspired metal, a real treat. Duelling guitars, soaring vocals and an absolutely killer melody.

The EP is out now via Mighty Music.