Meden Again

Meden Again-Catharsis

Meden Again hail from Greece, and on their fourth album Catharsis, they have truly embraced themselves. The front cover of the album is that of demonic preachers and burning crosses. Ominous imagery, and something that fits well with the theme of the music.

With recommendations from Nightwish and Within Temptation, the band comes highly recommended indeed, and as Catharsis the intro fades into Purge, one can see why. There is a good blend of riffage, and melodic vocals conveying the right sense of anger and hope mixed into one that is sorely needed in these desperate times. Cleanse Their Sins continues on this track, and truly adds something magical to the metal repertoire.

Truly heavy moments can be found on Salvation, Veil of Faith and A Curse Unfolding which sees the band travel into growls, screams and the dense hopelessness that some might feel today. A true statement of purpose.

Catharsis is an album meant to be listened to loudly, it draws on all the great themes of metal, and brings them into a modern formula. Truly it is a solid record and one deserving of praise. Keep an eye on these guys, they are destined for hugeness. 10/10.