Meadow's End

Meadow’s End-Sojourn Review

Amidst the Villains kicks off with a nice frenetic riff, the piano melodies add in a nice touch, and when the song really gets going, boy does it get going. Purely driving and moving with incredible force. Remnants is slow, snarling and guttural. Nightmare’s Reef is an intricate dance around the edges, filled with huge riffs, and dancing melodies. Heathen’s Embrace is a snarling sojourn into the world filled with dark graces. Soulslain is a mix of darkness and light, fighting with one another for dominance. Deadlands is a monster, built on symphonic instrumentation and deafening riffs. End Of Fallens is another brutal monster.

All Of Them is a dance, a weave that produces one turn and then another, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t considered acceptable to bring true power. Angel Dreams is a snarling monster, bringing huge riffs and guttural giant vocals to the fore. Clench The Feet Of Fools is an embrace of the divine, the dark and weird. Forever Haven is a brutal masterpiece. My Leading Command dances, twirls and snakes around based off of the riffs that dance and snarl. Everlasting is a fitting finish, combining melody with darkness and groove.

The album is out now via Black Lion Records.