Massive Issue

Massive Issue-Awry Review


Martyr In The Mist kicks things off with a descending lick, and some solid rhythms behind it. The vocals pain a story, whilst the instrumentation flits between, ensuring the listener has plenty to digest. God Delusion is a snarky little diatribe with some quirky guitar licks and standard drum fills. Crosshairs dances across the board moving from one area to another, the vocals are snarky, think classic britpop era Oasis. Something Awry begins with a nice little acoustic fill, it then moves into something a little quirky and upbeat, with the same vocal pathways. Fighter is a mournful lament, mixed in with some serious hooks. Blind Self is a dance and a half, with some rocking grooves.

It’s Got To Be Real has a solid bass, and guitar fill, the vocals are the story board and the listener is hooked in. A Waste is slower, more reflective, with added edge. Brainstorming is filled with energy, bite and snark. Trivial Minds is slow, psychedelic and interesting. Minds is funky, grooving and downright rocky.

The album is out today via Concorde Music Company.