Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza- Viva La Rock Review


Marco Mendoza is a giant of the rock world, from playing with Journey, Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders, he’s now entered into the world of the solo artist. Instead of going for something flashy and without merit, he’s gone for the big bombast of Rock and Roll, and boy does he deliver.

The opening song on the record, is the title track, Viva La Rock. Guitars start proceedings off with a catchy riff, then the vocals kick in, with a call to arms, a solid opening track and one that will get people moving when played live. Sue Is On The Run is a mover of a song, bringing echoes of Fox on the Run by The Sweet, it tells a story with the guitars and the vocals taking things to rock n roll heaven. Rocketman starts with sound effects, then moves into slow bluesy riffage, with the current President’s little eccentricities, this song could be viewed as something of a hilarity, but man is it a rocker. Sweetest Emotions is a mover, solid rhythms that allow Marc to shine, with swinging beats and a high get up. Chinatown featuring Mike Tramp is the ultimate tribute to a great band in Thin Lizzy, delivering punch after punch.

Next up is Burned, a song with a fade in, that then moves into a swaggering monster of a rock song, one that is sure to get people moving when played live. Love 2 U, begins with harmonies, and from there moves into a swaggering beast of a song, which allows the bass to have a starring role. Leah is next, it slows the pace down slightly, to bring a more thoughtful and reflective mood to the album. Hey Baby brings bluesy timey wimey tributes to Ted Nugent, a somewhat parody of the rocker himself, the song has balls. Let It Flow is the final song on the record, this is more reflective, slightly slower, but with the attitude that has made up this album throughout.

With Viva La Rock, Marco Mendoza has brought rock into the modern era, there are all the hallmarks of the past, but with the nuances and the references to the present, to make this a record that will appeal to both new and old. Be sure to purchase the record when it comes out on 2nd March.