March In Arms

March In Arms- March In Arms Review


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“Procession Of The Dead,” dark and foreboding, slowly building into something even darker and sinister. “The Failure,” has swinging grooves and massive headbanging potential. Something which will surely drive the listeners into the pit when performed live. “Firebreather,” chaotic and frenetic, true thrash metal. “Mouth Of The Kraken,” dark and ferocious, with some sublime rhythm work on the guitars. “Overlord,” a dark and menacing song, with piercing vocals and guitars.

“The Knife.” is thundering and precisely to the point, snarling and raving with grit and menace. “Empty Pleads,” leads the way with the darkest of lead guitar works, and some soaring vocals into the mix. “Ashes,” is ferocious, a rock masterpiece with jagged riffs and even more brutal takes on the turn. “I Am Death,” thrash heaven. “To No End,” dark and heavy, piercing and seminal.

The album is out on November 20th.