Marc Durkee

Marc Durkee- Remain In Stasis Review

Remain In Stasis cover final.jpg

“The Dark Dimension,” starts things off, and immediately listeners are treated to some interesting guitar work, and some frenetic vocal lines and melodies. “A Way To Escape,” is furious and sharp. Biting its way across the sky lines and never quite letting the listener guess where they might be going. “Mimesis,” an interesting divergence. With hints of Joe Satriani combined with darkness galore. “A Great Disdain,” another song that mixes heaviness with lightness, and takes a twist and turn. “Redesign,” moves quickly and with blinding light and agility, to ensure the listener is moving with time and rhythm.

“The Mind Flayer,” a song with grooving appetites, and even darker wings, ensuring that the listener is filled with energy and grace. “A Number of Years,” heavy without trying too hard, and ensuring that the listener is kept in touch with their senses. “Not Without Sin,” a slow moving interlude into the world of darkness and growth. “Meteor,” a rocker with edges and sharpness. “Stasis,” light, and darkness combined together, to make things even more interesting.

The album is out on 18th January.