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“Sveablotet,” comes in thick and fast, with the tremolo riff, smashing through and battering the listener. “Hervors Av,” moves with power and speed, taking the time to move and shift. “Slaget,” is epic, and powerful, built on a simple melodical arrangement that drives the listener through to some seriously cool melodies. “Ett sista farval,” is a choral arrangement around a metallic sombre tone, simply powerful and grooving.

“Spjutbadden,” has that driving riff that makes it so irresistible, bringing some nice movement and works to the fore. “Tvenne Drommar,” has lightning fast riff work and some barrel type forward movement. “Krake sista Strid,” snarls and gallops on the back of some serious riffage. “Dodskavadet,” starts off softly, with the haunting edge coming forth, before slowly building into an epic finish.

The album is out on 26th April via Napalm Records.