Manam-Rebirth Of Consciousness Review

FRONT CD_small.jpg

“Fallen Leaves,” is haunting, the guitars and the storms in the background play off one another perfectly, developing a sense that something truly interesting and magnificent is about to happen. “Supernova,” is the conclusion to this. Developing a roaring, soaring collection of heaviness. “Atman Denied,” is next, bringing with it a fierce riff package and some brutal vocal deliveries. “Inner Daemon,” is a galloping journey through the stories of the world and war. “Revelation,” takes things into a heavier direction, building on destruction and chaos.

“Total War,” is jagged and brutal, as the title would suggest. “A Raw Awakening,” delivers a punch and a half, bringing things down to the ground and destroying them. “Anam,” is even calmer, but also stormier. “Sahara,” is an interesting song, diverging this way and that, it lends itself credibly to the atmosphere of the band.

The album is out on 23rd November via Rockshot Records.