Malmorte-Hell For All Review

Malamorte cover_highres.jpg

“Advent,” with the flare of the trumpets makes it clear where the band is going, with the big sound and the grit of the past. “Antichrist,” comes barrelling in with some serious riffage and snarling, a true opus. “Warriors of Hell,” delivers another slap into the listener’s face, moving one and then a second, with powering riffage. “Holy or Unholy,” another song that ventures within the bounds, taking the listener by storm. “Mother,” a song that just oozes pure class, never quite slowing down, but also never quite letting up.

“Hell For All,” the title track and an absolute spell binder, delivering the goods with sharp precision. “Son,” a song that caters within the original aspects of the methods, and delivers a brutal repository. “The Worshippers of Evil.” another pounding and ferocious song that leaves the listener with a sore neck from headbanging. “Satan’s Slave,” delivers a slap and then a flourish, bringing heaviness to the fore. “God is Nothing,” another song that roars and rages.

The album is out on 25th January via Rockshots Records.