Malacoda-Restless Dreams Review

Malacoda restless.jpg

“The Fog Of Memory,” slow, haunting and a little draining on the senses. True horror reaching forward to take a bite. “I Got A Letter,” slowly burns through the listener. The melodies build up quite nicely, and the vocals are haunting and dark. “Wrapped In Laments,” burns through, getting the listener into a bit of a trance, dancing across boards and edges. Guitar lines makes things very interesting, darkening the edges and snarling through. “In Static,” a song that whirs to life, whilst producing something of an edge. “Knives,” another ambient song set to the back drop of darkness. “Mannequin Heart,” chaotic and despondent. “Youth Is Innocence,” a snarling little monster built off the back of a handy riff.

“Doppleganger,” a song that is slow and slightly meandering at turns, speeds up quite nicely once the tempo has reached a suitable climax. “Darkness Leads The Way,” is white noise. “The Labyrinth Within,” a minor harmonic song that easily builds and changes with the growing winds, the melodies are most definitely the highlight of the song. “Dominance,” heavy, aggressive and a snarling monster. “Abstract Care,” a song that verges from one extreme to another, blurring the lines. “The Symbol of Pain,” a song that mends and heals, whilst the industrial complex runs on. “Our Special Place,” a song that merges the machines of the future with the trilling melodies of the past.

Restless Dreams is out on 19th October via Rockshots Records.