Lower 13

Lower 13-Restore The Order


“Swallowed BY Light,” is heavy from the off, with snaking riffs and a dancing melody line to get the blood pumping. “The Shining Star,” shifts and turns, bringing in power and might. “Leads To Fate,” snarls in and around, dancing through the dance of pain. “Weight of the World,” has a sick bass intro that really just makes the song. “Set Hate Free,” jangles and gallops through producing some fascinating melodical work. “Monster,” is a shifting movement.

“Find Your Peace,” cleans things up a little before moving into overdrive. “No Answers,” blisters in as the vocals snarl into being. “Waiting,” dances through and above. “Force of Nature,” is maths rock at its finest, creating patterns and beats that no mortal could comprehend. “Unclear,” shifts and turns. “Spotless Mind,” dark and chaotic.

The album is out on 7th June.