Lost In Kiev

Lost In Kiev-Persona

“Persona,” is haunting and ethereal, bringing a great many elements to the fore. Dancing around the track and then slowly advancing backwards before bringing a true thrust to the matter. “Lifelooper,” is heavy as fuck, bringing something truly dark and threatening to the fore. “The Incomplete,” returns to that element of confusion and some shifting tonalities that echo in post rock. “XM3216,” ventures forth, dancing down and echoing in the platitudes. “Pygmallion,” veers one way and then another.

“Mindflies,” a roaring, riptide that takes things this way and that, ensuring that the listener is thoroughly intrigued by what might be around the corner. “Psyche,” another song that ventures down unknown depths. “Thumos,” a classic jangling one-two thrust. “Mecasocialis,” ends things with an interesting dent here and there.

The album is out on 26th April via Pelagic Records.