Lord Vigo

Lord Vigo-Six Must Die Review


Hailing from Germany a land famed for it’s talents in metal, Lord Vigo have produced a brilliant album with Six Must Die. Starting with the haunting echoes of Elizabeth Dane, it becomes immediately clear that Lord Vigo are in for business. The guitars soar throughout this short introduction, and the drums beat a steady rhythm, setting the listener up for something a lot more ferocious. Doom Shall Rise is fast, done in the style of bands like Witchfinder General and Pentagram. This is a song that will get the crowd going when played live. I Am The Prophecy is fast moving, filled with swagger, groove and something a little darker, the melodies are fierce and in tune with the rest of the song. Thul Rar is epic, swinging, groove orientated, the vocals lead the song through various stages.

Thal Mun Rar ventures forth with the toll of a bell, the distorted guitars that echo through light and dark. A haunting song that brings something dark and ethereal to the table, a true follow up to Thul Rar. Evil In Disguise has some swagger to it, the guitars carry the song, distorted and fully used. Six Must Die is the longest song on the record, clocking in at thirteen minutes, and boy what a journey it is. Melodies, doom, gloom, heaviness, screams, computer vocals all of it is within this song. 21 April 1880 is a clean and mixed song, a fitting way to finish the album.

Be sure to get this brilliant album when it is released on May 25th via No Remorse Records.