Loneshore-From Presence To Silence Review

“The Quiet Visitor,” opens things up, producing a quiet and haunting melody through the guitars, it slowly begins to turn and change. Growling and snarling with the heaviness within the guitars, the vocals snarl their piece. “Effigy,” another song that shifts in tone and composure, moving through the edges, before producing something akin to rage and darkness. “Winds of Ill Omen,” filled with melody and hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel, that is slowly replaced with darkness and grit.

“Until The Last Of Hopes,” another song that is filled with chaotic energy from the get go. Slowly snarling and biting its way through the changes and frills. Nothing more to see but heaviness. “Daylight,” softer, calmer and more melodic. “From Presence To Silence,” a song that grits its teeth through changes and clangs, without ever losing sight of what is and isn’t to be.

The album is out now via BadMoonMan Music.