Lizzies-On Thin Ice Review

“Like An Animal,” starts off the second album by Lizzies, a haunting jaunt on the guitar, with a pulsating bass rhythm. It moves into an absolute rocker, with the vocals taking the lead. This is a definitive mission statement, of no shit and rock and roll at its best. “No Law City,” comes pounding into being, a mix of classic rock and roll grooves, with some new wave synth thrown in for good measure. “I’m Paranoid,” a rocker on steroids, shifting tone and balance, and producing an absolute corker of a song. “Playing With Death,” a song that mixes within the temperature, and produces some blindingly simple but brilliant riffs, in accordance with the massive presence already there. “Real Fighter,” a rocker, with that huge presence of Bruce Springsteen style relevancy. This is some serious rock and roll shit right here. “Talk Shit and Get Hit,” favourite song on the record, filled with energy and aggression. No shits given, and brutal middle fingers to the face.

“Final Sentence,” a huge rocker, with huge riffs and crushing melodies. Delivering a knock out blow one step at a time. “Rosa Maria,” a rocker, with killer grooves and some sublime melodies, this is another brilliant track. “World Eyes On Me,” a slower number with gradual build up. When we reach crescendo, it goes completely bonkers, dancing on the edge and crashing around with energy. “Love Is Hard,” a rocker, with solid riffs and that old fashioned inspiration. Just how difficult love is with a backdrop of a kick ass riff. “The Crown,” a rocker, bringing energy and heat to everything and destroying the listener’s earbuds once more.

On Thin Ice is out on 5th October via The Sign Records, be sure to get this and let your jaw drop.