Lewis And The Strange Magics

Lewis And The Strange Magics- Evade Your Soul: Review.

Formed in 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, Lewis and The Strange Magics deliver some solid psychedelic infused rock and blues, inspired by Black Sabbath, The Beatles and many other diverse artists. Their diverse style has brought them a fair bit of attention and a growing fan base. Their second record Evade Your Soul comes out soon, and is reviewed below.

Opening up the record is Leaving Myself, it starts with a bluesy intro, it has a really trippy feel to it, something that immediately makes the listener stand up and pay attention. Ugly Face is another song that contains a bluesy style to it, thoughtful lyrics and a pulsating beat continue the feel of Leaving Myself. TV Monsters has a haunting intro, a chordal shift and an absolutely rocking solo, the vocalist Lewis P has a distinctive voice that lends itself well to the songs and really makes the band stand out from the crowd.

Lisa Melts The Wax is a song that contains many influences, it starts jazzy, moves into funk and has a rocking solo. And contains a section that would make the boys in Black Sabbath proud. The lyrical content is surreal and is a real bonus of the record. Out Of My Home starts with a soft organ intro, before moving into driving chords and rhythms, a quickening of the song and lyrical content that evokes the feeling that this song would not be out of place in a Western movie from the Seventies. You’ll Be Free Forever is a swinging and syncopated song, lyrically it seems to be about being freed from the demons of life that can hold you back, removing the illusions that hold people back as well.

RMS is a thoughtful and soul searching song, a song that pleads for no more sadness, no more pain and brings the drive to bring that about. Escape has an interesting psychedelic opening, with chordal shifts that make you pay attention, and really listen to what is going on, a jazzy sort of feel envelops the song as it progresses. Another Lonely Soul contains several catchy riffs, moving drums and is simple lyrical brilliance.

Evade Your Soul is an eclectic record, superseding the band’s previous efforts, and a record that should really get them onto the map and out there onto the mainstages and festival headlining spots. Compared to the generic nonsense out there in the mainstream, this record is a breath of fresh air, and that can only be a good thing. A solid effort, and a good 10/10.