LEVERAGE determinus COVER.jpg

“Burn Love Burn,” comes in with the fire, and the haunting synth melodies. It progresses into something quite different, with thunderous riffage and some dark and discreet melodies. “Wind of Morrigan,” is a fast moving piece that brings elements of Gaelic jigs to the fore ensuring something new and cultural. “Tiger,” is a solid thrashing monster of a song built on huge riffs. “Red Moon Over Sonora,” is chilling and damingly haunting. “Mephistocrate,” filled with chilling melodies and some absolute shredding vocal performances is fascinating and engaging. “Afterworld’s Disciple,” is another banging song that ventures on the basis of a huge riff and bass melody, the vocals are soaring and crucial.

“When We Were Young,” haunting and reminiscent of days gone by with the keys providing some fascinating back drop. “Heaven’s No Place For Us,” shreds into being and delivers a resounding flashing flush. “Hand of God,” a soaring melodical uproar, that brings into being something truly resounding and ecstatic, a blazing masterpiece. “Rollerball,” a thumping galloping monster of a song. “Troy,” a fitting epic finish that paints an interesting image for the listener with soaring melodies and thrashing riffs.

The album is out on 26th April via Frontiers Music.