Legend Of The Seagullmen

Legend Of The Seagullmen Interview

They’re a genre-breaking supergroup who champion all sorts of craziness and insanity. They are Legend Of the Seagullmen, and this is their interview:


  1. What’s behind the name of the band and what were your influences?


Danny: “Our singer, the Doctor came up with the name and concept. He had this whole legend and lore thing that had been floating around, so we went with that. As for influences they’re many and varied as we’re coming at it from many different angles.”



  1. How did the band come together?


Jimmy: “We’ve all been friends for a long time. Danny and I both have studios which are about a mile apart from one another, so we’d jam together when we were both around. I met Brent through Josh Homme, and we’ve jammed together. I met the Doctor through Brent, and yeah, really we’ve known one another for a long time.”


Danny: “Yeah, we’ve known each other for a while, and the band came together through jamming and practising.”


  1. You’ve all come from different backgrounds, what was that like and how did it influence the writing process?


Jimmy:  “We’ve been friends for a long time, and we all come different areas, so were able to bring different things to the table. We’d jam, drink, and record when we felt up to it. that’s the benefit of having your own studio. The Doctor came up with this idea for a Spaghetti Nautical play, Western type thing. So we wrote Deep Sea Diver for that and that was the genesis for the whole thing.”


Danny: “We got behind the Doctor’s concept pretty quickly, we wrote songs and jammed. All of the songs are pretty damn good,  though there are songs that we did that didn’t make it.”


  1. The album’s coming out in a few weeks, other than that what plans have you got for the future?


Danny: “We’re all based in LA, so we’ll probably do a release party thing at some point. Maybe try and fit in a few gigs here and there, nothing massive. Maybe play a few festivals.”


Jimmy: “We’re all quite busy as well, so we’re just going to have to fit in around our schedules. Good thing is we all live in one place.”