Last Pharaoh

Last Pharaoh-The Mantle Of Spiders Review

Into The Darkness begins with a choral arrangement that is sure to make many choirs jealous, it then shifts into acoustic guitar mode, with some nice shredding guitar before progressing into an absolute monster of a song with big bold riffage and some nice little shredding. The Headless Horseman has some powerful riffs, and some very dogged vocal lines. Jekyll and Hyde is based around a brutal riff, and the vocals reflect the chaos and uncertainty of the character. Deadly Dreams swaggers through riff after riff, bringing the pain. Machinic Non-Conscience swaggers, drifts and gleams in the light.

Slave To Kill is filled with big riffs, dancing and snaking through the line, and bringing a new meaning to the word epic. Desert Dreams is filled with swagger and groove, and an energy that is just downright classic metal. Mantle of Spiders is a journey, built on a slower, more thoughtful riff, with added flair and darkness. Psychohouse is a nice closer, filled on big riffs and chaotic melodies.

The album is out on 21st September, via Pure Steel Records.