Lady Beast

Lady Beast-Vicious Breed Review

Eight years into their career, Lady Beast have delivered continuously on early promise. Bringing a new modern take on classic sounds that have inspired countless generations of metal fans. Their new record, with the war pigs of doom on the front cover, inspires confidence and surety.

The Way is a strong opener, with big drums and galloping rhythms, it helps show off Deborah Levine’s crushing vocals, in a manner that leaves the listener wanting more. And more is delivered with Lone Hunter providing pulsating music to bang one’s head to, a number that will definitely deliver live. Seal The Hex is next, with a clean intro, it quickly develops in a distorted shred fest, that once again shows off Levine’s vocal prowess. Vicious Breed, the title track for the record, starts with thrashing riffs, and continues on that route, delivering ultimate satisfaction.

Get Out continues the trend, a uplifting, roarer of a song, with a brilliant face melting solo, sure to be a favourite of the fans when played live. Sky Graves is next, a thoughtful solo beginning and a harmonised lead fill, ensures that the momentum continues. Every Giant Shall Fall is Lady Beast’s Phantom Of the Opera, it contains melodic vocals, ripping guitar parts, melodic harmonies and thundering drums, this is the best song on the record hand’s down. Always WIth Me, contains influences spanning the genre, and as such is a fitting closing track.

Vicious Breed reinvents the wheel, bringing sharp focus to the new ways that metal can evolve and develop in the 21st century, it is something old mixed with something new and is completely tantalising from start to finish. 10/10.