Krull-The Black Coast Review

Krull was founded 1998 by Luis Domingos under the name “Eternal Fate”. His proposal was to play Heavy Metal with fictional lyrics & themes from the Hyborian Age, Middle Ages, Medieval Epic Battles, Occultism, among others.

Starting with the most terrifying shrill voice known on record, Krull launches their new album with In The Woods and The Witch, songs which lay the groundwork for this absolutely dazzling record. The Witch has solid riffs, and even more terrifying vocals from Luis Domingos. This lends itself well to the next song on the record By Steel a thumping song that plays off the shrill and the growls of  Domingos.

Marching to the Mountains continues down this route, with riffs that would make Scott Ian wet himself, and vocals that would terrify Phil Anselmo. A real stand out song and one that deserves multiple plays on the band’s live setup. Valhalla has some epic hooks throughout and enables Domingos to show off his vocal range and allows guitarist Ricky Camargo to show off his tricks and his skill. The King and the Sword are simply epic.

Immortals is a mixed song, bringing elements of classic metal and some of the more nuanced metal elements, and a song that should be played live as much as possible. Stand Fight To Kill is a nicely evolved song that would go down well live. The Black Coast is epic containing all the right conditions needed for some simply excellent metal.

Be sure to pick this record up when it is released on 27th April, via Pure Steel Records.