Kobold-Death Parade Review

Madman’s Overture is harmonies and dark driving riffs, building up a sense of anticipation. Death Parade is fast and brutal, with pounding riffs, and snarling drives and vocals. Fake is brutal, a stop and start gallop mixed in with some good old fashioned revelry. Random Act Of Violence moves and shakes, shimmering through and roaring. I, Icarus is driving, brutal and snarling. When The Eye Turns Inwards is a mix of chaos and melody driven together under one common purpose. Die Hard is fast and a moshing song, if ever there was one. Soul Funeral is slower, but with added edge because of it.

NWO is slower, more reflective but with added bite, snarling and chasing through the edges, and tempting the listener deeper and deeper. Ministry of Propaganda is fast, furious and all the rage. Headless Horseman is the same. Warth Child is similar, with dancing riffs. Thrill of Speed is an interesting mix of heaviness with speed brutality. Mistress of the Night is similar. Stand Up and Fight dances, snarls and shakes.

The album is out in August via Iron, Blood and Death Corp.