Kill No Albatross

Kill No Albatross-Speak True Evil Review

EP Cover - Kill No Albatross - Speak True Evil.jpg

Seven Tools starts with a clock ticking before the guitars come tapping their way in and the drums pound out a tribal rhythm. This moves into a jagged riff and military rhythm with the vocals pounding their way front and centre, creating a nice little painting and image. Apex Predator kicks off with a serious riff, the vocals are snarling, biting and filled with anger. The instrumentation mixes together different elements and ensures that the heaviness of the song is kept front and centre.

Sky On Fire is slower, more thoughtful, hints of Pink Floyd mixing together with the band’s definable style. The vocals are haunting and mournful, asking for something that the listener might not be able to give. Void starts with some serious riffage, the band brings out the stops on this, pursuing something deadly serious in the form of stop gap riffs, and haunting vocals.

The EP is out on 13th July.