Khasm-Trinity Review

Khasm - Trinity

Hailing from Khasm’s new album Trinity is sure to get metalheads everywhere excited with its release on May 15th. Opening track Shadows is big, bold and bombastic, filled with energy, the guitars sing through with a darkness that has perhaps not been matched previously. The vocals are sharp and chaotic. Spartan has the big riffs deserving of such a song, the theme is clear, the Spartan ideology is plain in the lyrics and just how thick the guitars sound. Rise is fast and headbang worthy, with the riffs pounding through, and the drums ensuring that that continues. Cursed is dark and heavy. Deathstroke is heavy, with fast pounding riffs, a sure starter for the mosh pit.

Trinity Part 1 is developing a story, setting the scene with fluent guitar tones, and solid lyrics. Trinity Part II sets the mid tone, the developing aura, the chaos that is soon to be unleashed. Trinity Part III is dark, brooding, and somewhat terrifying it finishes off what started off in Part 1 very well, a story has been created and reflected perfectly. Dedication is big, heavy and furious, a fitting closer.

The album is out on May 15th via Sliptrick Records.