KB36-Fake Review

Fake is KB36’s second album, and as the title suggests, the music and the lyrics are about searching for authenticity in a world that seems comprised of falsehoods and lies.

This is best embodied by the songs Fake and Who Cares, which imbue the anger that many people are feeling at the moment. Then there is Give Me More which seems to be an ode to the greediness of a great many of the masses, and the hellish quest many embark on to achieve some form of twisted satisfaction and pleasure.

Rock The Boat, seems as the title implies to be about going against the norm, changing things up and causing a stir. A song that would bring hope to many who feel that everything is too similar nowadays.

Fake is definitely an intriguing album, at first I was unsure of what to make of it, but after another listen, I caught onto what was being tried here, and found I liked it. I encourage anyone interested in new takes on rock to check this album out on 26th January.