Katari-Ave, Rex Ivdaeorvm! Review


Hailing from Peru, the land of a great many mysteries and stories, Katari bring their take on the classic black metal genre, and boy do they deliver.

Pure Hate is the first song on the record, it begins with distorted guitars and a crunching rhythm, the growls kick in as the drums begin hammering out a beat, creating a sense of anticipation. Extermination is furious, terrifying and classic black metal, with snarling vocals and a piercing grasp. Born for Evil follows the same sort of trend bringing big bombastic riffs to the fore. Impaled on a Phallic Cross brings something different, this time furious rampage instead of a darkened rage. Fucked By Serpents has the potential to be an anthem for the fans of the band, with its anthemic riffs.

Black Metal Thorns is piercing, rampant and dark, a true black metal classic. Inclemency is huge, fast and dark. Mutilated and Inverted follows a similar pattern to Black Metal Thorns with dancing riffs and screeching vocals. Acid and Venom is dark, and bombastic, carrying multiple levels of darkness.

The album is out now via From Deepest Records