Karmic Link

Karmic Link-Dark Metropolis Review

Karmic Link - CoverArt.jpg

“Random Phantom,” a groover, one that shimmers and shakes with the beat, and produces some very interesting melodies. “Dark Metropolis,” heavy, grooving and thumping, producing something dark and disturbed. “The Tone of C,” a grifter and a changer, one that melds eighties groove with some darkened rhythms. “False Spots On The Highway,” a song that rumbles on and delivers pain and procedure. “Your Fire Will Burn For Centuries,” pounds and shakes, producing something fascinating.

“Riama,” another song that shimmers, shakes and pounds away, turning things into light and dust. “Endless,” fast, furious and intimidating. “Lost Magic Alchemy,” a ripper, snorting and turning from dust into light. “Nostalgia,” another groover, shimmering on the edge of light.

The album is being released via Rockshots Records.