Kapil Seshasayee

Kapil Seshasayee- A Sacred Bore Review


A Sacred Bore comes in with a play in experimentation, the notes are chaotic, the melodies are stark, but there is a deep sense that much is happening deep underneath, upon lairs and lairs of texture. Ligature Hymnal is dark, brooding, and powerful, based off the back of a deep riff that would make Steve Vai proud, whilst combining grooves that would make Ravi Shankar envious. Exemption Hum mixes the flute with guitar strums and beats, the combination is infectious. The Ballad of Bant Singh is intriguing, bollywood and bhangra mixed with Blur and the Britpop scene. Agni is foreboding, glum and aggressive in one, an interesting combination.

The Agitprop blurs the lines between anger, and fudge, bringing about the true Indian within the music, blending it all together into one glob. A Glass Wig, is slow, and a fudge of different elements, bringing it all together for confusion and chaos. Kali is a storm. Caustic Wit is aggressive, plain, mixed and downright confusing in parts. Hatred In The Belly is mixed.

The album is out on 14th September via Loner Noise.