Kane Roberts

Kane Roberts-The New Normal


“Above and Beyond,” is haunting, the vocals are near perfect, and the instrumentation is just on point. “Beginning Of The End,” is powerful and defiant, a middle finger to conformity. “Who We Are,” is more thoughtful a song about the past and thoughts for the future. “Wrong,” another hammering blow of a song that delivers on everything it promises. “Forever Out Of Place,” is a nice little ditty that ventures this way and that.

“Leave This World Behind,” a song that veers this way and that, never quite letting the listener get onto where it’s going, and it is better for it. “The Lion’s Share,” is a rip roarer. A snarling vocal melody. “Leave Me In The Dark,” is something else entirely, neither here nor there, a middle meeting of heaviness. “Wonderful,” a powerful monster of a song. “King Of The World,” ventures through the veers and produces something else entirely.

The album is out now via Frontiers Music.