Kamikaze Zombie

Kamikaze Zombie-Night Of The Nuberous


Manhunter has a big fat riff, with some dredge and overphoned introduction. A monster of a song, that is sure to get people moving when played live. Eraser-Head has the big riff, and the pounding drums that are sure to get people into the moshpit. The Stone Giant has another great riff, this time mixed in with some tremolo. A song that is sure to bring the crowds home. A strong vocal line and a big rhythm presence. In The Mouth of Madness has a jangling mixed presence in terms of the riffs, the vocals compliment them very well. The Story of Jane Doe is fast, frenetic, and furious, pure energy at its finest.

1226 is slower, more doom edged and with the big riffs and soaring melodic vocal line to prove it. Death Rides A Horse is fast, stop starting throughout and bring with it a true sense of heaviness. The Blood Countess moves with fast riffs, frenetic leads and big pounding rhythms. As The Moon Stares At Death is a fitting closer, dark, ominous and heavy.

The album is out now via the band’s website.