Cellar Darling, Kamelot, Leaves Eyes

Kamelot with special guests Leaves Eyes and Cellar Darling Live At Electric Brixton.

On Friday 12th October, thousands gathered at Electric Brixton for five hours of Heavy Metal magic.

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The first band to greet punters was Leaves Eyes. They delivered an absolutely killer set, bringing thunderous riffs, snarling vocals and some soaring vocal performances to the crowd. The audience rightly went mental during the performances of classics such as “Sign Of The Dragonhead,” “Edge of Steel,” and “Riders On The Wind”. They finished off with magic and fire, and there was even a Viking present. A fitting start.


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Next were Cellar Darling, playing their only UK date on this leg of the tour. They came out in force, performing barnstormers such as “Black Moon,” and “Avalanche,”with great pride and precision. After an initially cautious reception, the crowd got fully into it, so that by the time Cellar Darling performed “Fire, Wind and Earth,” and “Challenge,” the entire theatre shook with power and might.


Closing out the night were the headliners, and the heavy metal legends that are Kamelot. They opened up strongly with “Phantom Divine,” kicking of proceedings, from the get go, the crowd was singing and roaring along. Tommy Kaverik sounded in amazing form, and the band provided some solid backing for him. Other standouts included “March of Mephisto,” which saw the devil horns roaring into life and “The Great Pandemonium,” as well as “Veil of Elysium.” Finishing off with “Karma,” “Forever,” and “Liar, Liar,” was a stroke of genius. Lauren Hart was a brilliant addition, providing soaring vocals on “Sacrimony,” and guttural vocals on “March,” as well as “Liar, Liar,”. All in all Kamelot stole the show and performed like the wizards they truly are.



Kamelot-The Shadow Theory Review

The Shadow Theory, Kamelot Album 2018.jpg

Kamelot is legends, they’ve been producing strong albums since their formation in the 1990s, and now they return with their twelfth studio album The Shadow Theory.

Beginning with the haunting, mechanical drones of The Mission, the listener gets the sense that things are going to be intense and very much to the point. This is confirmed by Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire), which comes blasting through, crafting an intricate tale of machinery, AI and the secret society operating it all. Lauren Hart adds a bit of grit with some growls, and the big choruses ensure that this will be a killer song live. Ravenlight is next, with a solid thumping guitar riff, and pounding drums, the song carries itself well, another song that would fit well live. Amnesiac, is pounding, filled with jagged riffs, and synths creating the sound of being within an arena. Tommy Kaverik sings his heart out, the lyrics painting a story of loss, and pain, and the medicinal cures for such things.

Burns To Embrace is heavy on the symphonic elements, allowing Oliver Palotai and Tommy Kaverik to shine, a dark brooding song, it mixes the elements and melody perfectly well. In Twilight Hours is another melodic ballad, Kaverik’s vocals are in full pelt here, and he truly shines. Kevlar Skin reintroduces the heavy element of Kamelot, with a screeching riff, a driving rhythm, and fierce connotations within the lyrics, this is a song that will go down well live.

Static begins with strings playing out a mournful melody, the piano flitters in and out, and the listener is lulled into a sense of (un) ease when the guitar kicks in that’s when the true epicness is revealed. As always Kaverik shines through as well. Mindfall Remedy is a mixed bag, fast, melodic but also industrial at takes. Lauren Hart providing the industrial scale growls. Stories Unheard is a ballad, with heaviness, done in classic Kamelot style, a story that allows each member of the band to shine through at intervals. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride) is fast, melodious, and a brilliant song to close off an album. Big crescendos, huge choruses and a leading verse, the music fits well with the vocals, and all in all this is a song that will go down well live.

The Shadow Theory is a brilliant album and shows that Kamelot still have a lot to give to the metal community. Get it now via Napalm Records.


Kamelot Interview


I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Tommy from Kamelot, about the band, their new album and the future:


1.   What were your influences growing up and have they remained the same over time?

TK: I grew up listening listening to a wide variety of styles. Everything but metal actually. I few of my influences over the years have been Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. I had a few years where Michael was the only music I listened too so he was the biggest for me for sure. When I was 12 years old I went to see “The Phantom of the Opera” with my mom and that really made a big impact on me. The childhood years really shapes us so yes, it still remains the foundation. Metal came way later for me but has shaped me as well with stuff like Sonata Arctica, Dream theater, Beyond Twilight, Ark, Symphony X and In Flames.

2.   What was the process behind writing and recording the new album? Were there any themes that you always wanted to explore?
TK: It went down the way if usually does for us. We met in smaller groups to hammer out song ideas and demos. Thomas went to Oliver, me and Oliver worked on Skype and I went down to Sascha to work with him on vocals and final arrangements. Though we are all in close contact all the time. That is the beauty of this modern day and age. It is a loose concept based around the theories of Carl Jung´s “The shadow aspect” where everyone has a shadow and the less we embody it the darker it gets. We use that as a platform to tell a story of a dystopic world where most of the worlds money is in the hands of only a handful of people. These people rule the world behind closed doors and make us believe that they want us to believe, making us think we are making decisions based on what we need or want. There are 3 main elements to the story.

The Shadow Empire being the top layers of Society (The top 1 percent of the top 1 percent) with all the power. The Shadow Key being the growing resistance of enlightened and free thinking people. Connecting the shadow key back to psychological aspect of the overall theme we also want to convey the message that only you possess the key to your own happiness and self growth.  No one else can do that for you. It will require work but you can do it. The 3rd one is The Shadow Wall and that is the smoke screen they put in front of our eyes to distract us in favor of their hidden agenda… Social media, commercials, religion and war.

3.   How does this album compare to other albums such as Haven, Karma, Black Halo in terms of sound, music themes and style?
TK: I think it is a natural evolution of Haven. We still felt we had more to explore with the futuristic and dystopic approach. It is something we all are very interested in. It has a bit more in your face sound with more guitars and vocals up front and maybe a bit more compact and modern song structures at times. At the same time it is probably one of the most diverse Kamelot albums in terms of different styles.

4.   What’s your favourite Kamelot Album?
TK: That is almost impossible to answer being in the middle of it all. They all have something special. I am going to leave that to everyone to decide for their own, but I really like the change in style that happened on the Black Halo and Ghost Opera. That paved the way for the music we are creating today.

5.   How has the music industry changed since you started out?
TK: The band has been around much longer than I personally have been in the business, but since I started out in the scene I feel that now every band must tour a lot more to keep momentum and even have a chance of surviving. It is a tougher climate for bands to fight over peoples money and attention for sure. It is a digital era where the amount of Youtube and Spotify clicks is becoming how we measure success. Has both pros and cons of course.

6.   What plans do you have for the future?

TK: To tour the world for the next 2 years on “The Shadow Theory” and visit new places where we never played before. Reach out to more people so that we will be able to bring the full production to every show. Kamelot fans deserve that! In September we will record a live DVD in the 013 venue in Tilburg Holland.  That will be epic!