Kaamos Warriors

Kaamos Warriors – Ikuisen Talven Sarastus

“Kaamos Warriors,” is an interesting opener, brutal and dark, it leads the way through differentiating patterns and rhythms. “Talventouja,” is another battering ram to the face. “Winter Eternal,” is a slow build, bringing with it some interesting ducks and changes, slowly venturing this way and that, whilst never quite bringing something proper. “Aaveet,” a pounding rocker.

“Immortals,” another sharp wrenching number that produces a great number of climaxes and thrills. “Tyhyjys,” an interesting number venturing this way and that on the board. “Secrets of Stars,” a melodic pounding number. “Ikuisen,” a fitting closer, dark and melodic, with added edge.

The album is out on February 15th via Inverse Records.