Junkyard Drive

Junkyard Drive-Black Coffee Review

Junkyard Drive - black coffee.jpg

Time is Over begins slowly, with the acoustic guitar filtering in, when the vocals come in, there’s a real sense that something epic is about to kick off. That is proven right by the end of the first verse, when the guitars turn heavy and the drive comes kicking in. Sweet Little Dreamer is a little epic, a little bit grooving, filled with swagger and dance. Sucker For Your Love is bluesy with a hint of edge and bite, there’s some definite classic rock grooves filtering their way through. Make Up Your Mind is filled with energy, some sweltering riffs, and some seriously epic vocal lines, this is sure to be an epic one. Backseat Baby has some serious edge with the riffs bringing the pace and setting the tempo, there is some groove, and drive, the desire to bang one’s head is strong. Way Too Long is thoughtful, an edge and a nod toward something different and intriguing.

Through the Door is softer song with some serious melody and groove, bringing the focus solely on the vocals, something that allows them to really shine through. Same Old Story has that sludge feeling, telling the story of something that is well known to those who suffer from one type of issue or another, the struggle to keep going. Wasted Nights is filled with drive, swagger and some serious grit, bringing home the truth. Where I Belong is an anthem, a call and response that plays on the listener’s desire to sing along and be part of the gang. See You Next Time shakes, shimmers, and roars, bringing the album to a fitting close.

The album is out on 1st September via Mighty Music.