John Garcia

John Garcia-John Garcia And The Band Of Gold Review

K1024_John Garcia Album Cover_100x100mm_72dpi.JPG

“Space Vato,” slow and daunting, carrying an edge and taking the time to express that fully. “Jim’s Whiskers,” a song with edge and bite. “Chicken Delight,” an interesting little tap and go with a solid drum beat. “Kentucky II,” a song that varies from pace to pace, never repeating for a moment. “My Everything,” a soulful croon delivering the edge and bite. “Lilliana,” another boisterous number and one that perfectly encapsulates power.

“Popcorn,” a delightful serenade, taking the time to venture forth and then boogie. “Apache Junction,” keeps things interesting and fresh, swinging from post to post. “Don’t Even Think About It,” has groove and pace aplenty. “Cheyleitella,” an angry mob stomping song. “Softer Side,” heavy with edge, but growing with strength.

The album is out on January 4th via Napalm Records.