Jim Peterik World Stage

Jim Peterik World Stage-Winds Of Change


“Winds Of Change,” starts with the thunder of drums, it continues down the path of the soaring guitars, the keys come in at a latter stage and bring something new and interesting to the song. The vocals, are staccato. “Without A Bullet Being Fired,” is anthemic and soaring with the guitars and the synths providing that driving rhythm. “Proof of Heaven,” sees Jim bringing out the guitars in full. They sing and soar, and provide some fascinating entertainment. “Sometimes You Just Want More,” feels very eighties in the way it is set and the movement of the song lyrically and melodically. “Home Fires,” changes things up, it soars and simmers then produces some fascinating content melodically. “Just For You,” is a classic ballad shaped within and without.

“The Hand I Was Dealt,” comes in with that fascinating piano introduction before shifting gears into a certain type of heaviness with the vocal line narrates the story of a man hard done by. “Where Eagles Dare,” is completely out of left field with the shifting tone and dynamic of the introduction and the acoustic overlays, a fascinating dynamic. “I Will What I Want,” is a brutal shifting changing rocker. “You’re Always There,” continues down the route and shifts and shimmers producing something fascinating. “Avalanche,” is a rocker, pounding the shit out of everything and then driving a hard bargain. “Love You All Over The World,” takes an interesting turn, the lead guitar melodies float and the vocals soar.

The album is out on 26th April via Frontiers Music.