Ironflame-Tales Of Splendor and Sorrow

“Hands of Fate,” is a great way to start off the album. It soars within light and then produces a fantastic surge in the middle, that gives way to something else entirely toward the end. “Bringer of Fire,” veers throughout, galloping and producing some seriously powerful riffs and melodies. “The Contract,” is rage filled and a galloping masterpiece. “Crimson Widow,” produces something else entirely, showing devout destruction and energy. “Sword and Shield,” is another simply epic number, right down to the guitar interplay and the vibrant and melodic counter melodies.

“Divided We Fall,” soars and veers, and produces energy and relief, and ensures that nobody is left questioning where things might go from here. “Orpheus,” is a powerful song, which uses the tools at hand to paint a dedicated story and light. “Eyes of the Beast,” snarks and sneaks, without giving the game away, simply magnificent. “Vengeance Rising,” another soaring masterpiece. “Our Great Defender,” darkens the day and leads with light and power.

The album is out now.