Iron Lamb

Iron Lamb-Blue Haze Review


“Apocalypse Express,” comes in with a fast wah-wah riff, bringing grit and energy and combined with determination to ensure that the listener is hooked from the get go. The vocals are filled with swagger. “Bound By Gravity,” is a rocker in the old school style, filled with ballsy riffs and dancing, swaggering grooves. “Into The Night,” a song that transcends the normal pattern of metal songs, it shimmers and grooves with energy and power. “The Hunt,” darkens the clouds and rocks out with power and speed. Powering through, the vocals deliver a serious punch.

“Erase/Rewind,” takes things to a whole new level, slowly pushing through and encouraging more contemplative thinking with power and grace. “Fallin’ Like Dominoes,” a song that has everything you could want, a catchy riff, a serious hook and a vocal powerhouse. “The Iron and the Lamb,” weaves a story on the back of some seriously impressive vocal melodies and guitar harmonies. “Dead Beat,” finishes things off, a driving riff leading the way.

The album is out on 26th October via The Sign Recordings.