Iron Angel

Iron Angel-Hellbound Review


Iron Angel were formed in the early 1980s off the back of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, that invaded the listening habits of thousands of young people. Formed in Germany, Iron Angel pioneered a style of metal that has since been hailed as one of the genre’s defining moments. After a brief hiatus, the band returned in full fury, and Hellbound is the result of this reinvigoration.

Writings On The Wall is the first song on the record, it starts with a scream and a jagged fast paced riff, a style that continues throughout the song, earning it some plaudits for being an opening song to get the blood pumping. Judgement Day is fast and heavy, bringing epic riffs and epic vocal lines to the fore. Hell and Back provide clarity on what might be an often disturbing time, the music is evenly balanced, the lyrics are filled with energy and a darkness appropriate for the music. Carnivore Flashmob starts off slow, as the drums build the song into a crescendo that quickly shows off the ability of guitarists Didy Mackel and Mitsch Meyer. Blood and Leather serves as a tribute to the days of old where metal reigned supreme, a truly epic song that deserves a fair airing live.

Deliverance In Black starts with solid riffs, a welcoming crescendo starts the speed and from there it is an all-out assault on the senses. Waiting For A Miracle has discordant chords and melodies, as the beginning, before moving into overdrive with a clear and precise solo over the top of some solid riffage. Hellbound is a chugging riff, with some epic vocals from lead singer Dirk Schroder, a tribute to metal. Purist of Sin is a fast paced song that contains the hallmarks of metal greatness, a song to keep an eye out for on the band’s live setlist. Ministry of Metal is the final song on the record and it is epic, such clarity in the riffs, and precision in the vocals make the song an epic closer.

This album has some serious riffage on it, and some seriously quality metal. It is an album that any decent metal fan will be sure to pick up on 4th May, when the album is released.