Into Eternity

Into Eternity-The Sirens Review

Album Cover - Into Eternity - Sirens 2018.jpg

Back after a decade, Into Eternity start how they mean to go on. The Sirens is soft with the piano and then epic with the duelling guitars, the vocals come moving in and everything is soaring and pounding. Fringes of Psychosis is similar, piano driven intro, with some serious chops in between. Sandstorm is pounding and terrifying. This Frozen Hell moves and snakes, with the guitars shredding throughout proceedings.

Nowhere Near is slower, more thoughtful and just as epic, the vocal lines are beautiful. Devoured is a brutal track, simply due to its instrumentation and its pounding rhythms that make things very interesting. Fukushima is epic, from the harmonised vocals to the brutal guitar pacing. The Scattering of Ashes is slower and more thoughtful with epic vocals.

The album is out August 3rd.