Inferitvm – The Grimoires Review

“Trithemius,” is haunting and echoing, with an edge that lends credence to the monster building. “Codex Gigas,” is fully powered and energetic, weaving through darkness. “Clavicula,” another song that brings power and might with an edge. “Malleus,” sweeps through with grit anger and rage. “Goetia of Shadows,” ventures forth and delivers pain upon pain. “Galdrabok,” another song that weaves its way through, discordant passages.

“Liber Lux,” ventures this way and that, never quite settling, but also never quite allowing the listener to think of anything but chaos. “De Occulta,” is chaotic and frantic. “La Poule Noire,” chaos personified with the devil’s blessing. “De Prestigitis,” is haunting and ethereal. “Regni,” another fitting ending.

The album is out on 25th January via Inverse Records.