Indomia-Indomia Review


Ultimatum is orchestral, haunting and dark. Indomia is filled with big and bold riffs, and searing vocals, a questioning glance at the world. En Cenzias is filled with fast paced riffs, dancing and shivering through, allowing some form of respite, but also head banging glory. Factor Humano is a mix of soft and reflective and brutality. Nacion Reptil is straight out metal, down to the groove based riffs and the snarling vocals. Oscura Torre is a slower number, with added elements of darkness and thoughtfulness.

Piel En Trance is a rocker, with Judas Priest style riffs, and some solid head moving rhythm. Replicantes has got a big jarring riff, fat grooves and some serious vocal melodies. Poder En Las Sombras is a groover, big drums, and a catchy beat. Titeres Y Maquinas is a rocker, with some serious grooves and chops. Technodistantes slithers, shakes and grooves.

The album is out on 9th June.