IMPELLITTERI-The Nature Of The Beast Review


“Hypocrisy,” comes snarling into being, with some ferocious riffs and drumming. The vocals set the stage on fire, and the listener is immediately hooked. “Masquerade,” a fast moving rocking machine that delivers energy and frills. “Run For Your Life,” is fast moving, anthemic and somewhat chaotic, a brutal onslaught of heavy metal mastery. “Phantom Of The Opera,” is dark, chaotic and the perfect version of this somewhat dark and evil song. “Gates Of Hell,” moves with the wind and delivers something ferocious and spell binding. “Wonder World,” moves from the top to the bottom and continues delivering knock out blow after knock out blow.

“Man Of War,” moves with slow grace, delivering a steady onslaught before delivering a thundering vocal delivery. “Symptom Of The Universe,” adds several layers of fucking heaviness to an already heavy song. “Do You Think I’m Mad,” swaggers with fire and grace. “Fire It Up,” thrash metal at its best. “Kill The Beast,” chaotic and thrashing with power and grace. “Shine On,” a song that delivers spell binding mastery.

The album is out now via Frontiers Music.