Immortal Guardian

Immortal Guardian-Age Of Revolution Review

Excitare is a build up, piano, strings and guitar all balancing well together, creating a sense of anticipation. Zephon follows from that with big leaps and strides, leading down some very interesting routes, the vocals come barrelling in with snarls and darkness. Aeolian is a nice groove based song, powering through with licks here and there. Trail of Tears paints a dark picture using the shifting tonality of the guitars and the mix of melody and power. Never To Return shifts and changes, balancing one element with another.

Stardust is classic heavy metal, with the guitars and melodies combining together to create something fascinating and divergent. Hunters is powerful and precise. Fall is slow build, with fantastic pay off. State of Emergency moves in one flow, bringing power and energy where it goes. Awake is a soaring master piece, carefully crafting itself one after the other.

The album is out 28th September via M-Theory Audio.