Idle Hands

Idle Hands-Mana

idle hands mana.jpg

“Nightfall,” comes in with a shifting melody, a haunting line in the background as the vocals come pounding in with some frenetic energy. “Jackie,” a thoughtful little melodic interlude, shifting with one wind and then another. “Cosmic Overdrive,” thumps and shifts, twisting and turning within, producing something definitely noteworthy. “Don’t Waste Your Time,” is slow and haunting, a steady build into something that hints at chaos. “Give Me To The Night,” is a frenzy, moving with pain and grift and channelling some serious energy. “Blade and the Will,” is a roaring melody combined with carnage and energy.

“Dragon Why Do You Cry,” is thoughtful, haunting and a shifting tonality, that brings about some fascinating twists and turns. “Double Negative,” shimmers and darkens with blinding light and chaotic energy. “It’ll Be Over Before You Know It,” is dark and brooding, shifting within and without of the energy lights for some time. “A Single Solemn Rose,” is a haunting tribute to times gone by without letting go of the present. “Mana,” haunts the very core of the listener.

The album is out on 10th May via Eisenwald.