I, Assassin

I, Assassin-I, Assassin Review

“Survival,” is a fat riff. Filled with groove, swagger and an arrogance that can only truly be found in metal. The vocals soar and seer, producing some interesting hooks and melodies. Filled with some wise little sermons for the listener, they ensure that the listener is completely hooked by the end of the first verse.  “The Horde,” shifts and turns with the passing of the tide, ensuring that nobody is quite sure just where it’s going to go. Bleeding into one verse and then another with a sharp delivery.

“Anthem Of The Heart,” is just that an anthem backed up with some intriguing differences. It produces a change and a chop here and there, ensuring that the listener is kept fully hooked. “Another Feeling,” is filled with big guitar hooks and a soaring vocal line. Presenting a powerful front to the audience.

The E.P. is out now.