Hypnotic Nausea

Hypnotic Nausea-The Death Of All Religions

The Death of All Religions front & back cover.jpg

“Holy City,” is a journey, a travail that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the band’s performance. It shows the truly fantastic skill on display, and it also works well with the comic book. “Spiritual Allegiance,” slowly builds into the next song, with a thrilling and bluesy lick, as the questions over God comes into being. “Dogma,” is heavy and dark, like the title suggests. “Silent Moment,” sits in pause and consideration. “Outside,” is a slow build, bringing things into perspective and allowing the listener to think through what they want to do.

“Crippled God,” is chaotic and heavy, never quite lessening the power with which the melodies shift and shape. “Priest,” is a darkened sludge thump to the face. From the moment that opening riff kicks in, you know shit is about to hit off. “Faded Faith,” reflects the disappearing of faith, with the subtle textures and different directions, the calling out of the children. “The Death Of All Religions,” shifts and slides within and without. A bluesy number for a difficult song. “Inquietum Cor,” builds and shifts within and without.