Hourswill-Harm Full Embrace Review


Back with a new album, Hourswill hit their stride early with the frenetic energy of Children of the Void, it provides a dizzying mix of heavy riffs, grunting and growling and melodic vocals, a song sure to win the people over during life performances. Blinding Light is galloping, a journey through different paths, singing and soaring at equal measure. Mass Insanity has a killer vocal melody, a big chorus and some brilliant guitar work. Liberty Theory drives, shivers, shakes and grooves, the riffs are ferocious and the melodies of the vocals bring some serious bite.

Everyday Sage starts with the minor guitar riffs, shifting into different gears as the song progresses. There is a real sense that heaviness and melancholy are a part of the song. Being the longest song on the album, it brings a mix of elements to the table. Social Disease, is a mix of harmonic guitar tones, brutality and downright terrifying metal, a healthy dose of it as well. At Harms Embrace dances, grooves and shivers, the bass line that courses throughout the song provides some serious melody and bite. The guitars dance and snake through, providing eloquent satisfaction to the listener. Abyss Syndrome is heavy, with shaking grooving riffs, and brutal vocals.

The album is out now via Ethereal Sound Works.