Homicide Hangridden

Homicide Hangridden-Effect Lucifero Review

“4 Letters,” a defiant statement, brimming with broad brushed riffs and some very clever melodic work on the vocal front. “Remembrance Of Me,” driving forward, brimming with confidence and snarling all the while, the melodies dance across the board and ensure that the listener is hooked. “Regime,” a song that produces more gut punching metal of the best kind. Serious, melodic and hooked on all sorts. “Raped,” driving forward, slowly pulsating with differing changes and elements. “Lie To An Angel,” is mid paced thrash with an edge of anger thrown in.

“Lethal Agreement,” snarls, bites and changes producing more than one biting commentary on the state of the world. “Purify,” grooves and dances along the road, the vocals are biting and the riffs are snarling. “The Unsaid,” a slower song that captures some elements of the dance of war that are currently engulfing parts of the world. “Black As War,” closes things off with a rampant assault.

The album is out on November 23rd.